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Intro of Faculty

College of Humanities of Yangzhou University developed from the department of Chinese language and literature of Yangzhou Normal College, which was founded in 1952. A master of Chinese lyrics and melodies, Ren Zhongmin, under the pseudonym ‘half pond’, began the PhD program of Chinese ancient literature, which was firstly approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. The faculty has bachelor’s program in three majors at present, Chinese Language and Literature, Secretarial Science and Chinese International Education. Among these, Chinese Language and Literature major has PhD program. 

Going back to the history of the faculty, we can see a lot of outstanding professors, such as Ren Zhongmin, Xu Qinjun, Li Tingxian, Jiang Yixue, Tan Fochu, Wang Shanye, Li Renjian, Jiang Shufeng, Sun Longfu, Gu Huangchu, Zeng Huapeng, and etc. Now the school has built a team of reasonable structure with distinctive features. 

At present, the faculty has set up many research institutions, as follows,  research center of postdoctor, research institute of Chinese culture, research institute of Chinese popular culture, research center of Yangzhou culture, research center of Shangshuology, research institute of aesthetic culture, research center of the interpretation on Confucian classics and the transmission of East Asian culture, secretariat of international Shangshu academy and editorial department of collected papers of International Aesthetics. 

During the past 60 years, the faculty has cultivated a great number of excellent graduates. Many of them are renowned at home and abroad, Such as Wang Hui, Gao Jianping, Ding Fan, Jiang Yin, Wu Yiqin, Ji Guoping, Hua Xuecheng, Dai Weihua, and Zhou Jianzhong. Some of them become famous authors and critics, such as Bi Feiyu and Wang Gan. Some work in governments and universities, such as Yang Xiaotang, Fu Hua, Shi Shaojie, Zhou Shunsheng, Ji Yanru, Pan Chunlin, Zhao Yongxian, Dai Yuanhu and Rui Hongyan. But more are struggling at the sharp end at high schools, they even become famous educators, such as Hong Zhongli, Yuan Zhenguo, Xiao Ruifeng, Yang jiujun, and Huang Houjiang.

The faculty puts a high value on the training of the talents, lays stress on the implements of all-round quality education, and emphasizes the developments of the basic knowledge and practical skills.

In comes tide, river is wide, Hang the sail, run the vessel. The faculty will go on persisting with the focus on the teaching, amending the training plans, optimizing the growth system of talents and promoting the development of students’ personalities, which is aimed at cultivating prominent talents in accordance with China’s strategic requirements, in compliance with the developments of the times and in service to the inheritance and development of the national culture.

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