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Doctoral Supervisors
NameTeacher TitleResearch Area
Yao WenfangProfessor
Doctoral supervisor
Literature theory
Teaching and research of aesthetics
Er RongbenProfessor
Doctoral supervisor
Literature aesthetics and literature theory
Qian ZongwuProfessor
Doctoral supervisor
Chinese ancient literature
Chinese classical philology
Chinese phonology
Chinese dialectology and Shangshuology
Xu DemingProfessor
Ph.D. of literature
Doctoral supervisor
Chinese modern and contemporary literature
Wang YongpingProfessor
Doctoral supervisor
Chinese traditional medieval social history and ideological
Xu JianzhongProfessor
Doctoral supervisor
Chinese ancient literature consolidation and study of theory
Huang QiangProfessor
Doctoral supervisor
Literature of Yuan dynasty Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty
The relationship between imperial examination culture and literature
Gu FengProfessor
Doctoral supervisor
Ancient Chinese literary theory and Chinese classical aesthetics
Liu HongProfessor
Doctoral supervisor
Study of ancient academic history
Study of The analects of Confucius
Chen XueguangProfessor
Doctoral supervisor
Liu JinhuiProfessor
Doctoral supervisor
Secretary science
Study of Mencius
Chen YapingProfessor
Doctoral supervisor
Modern and contemporary Chinese literature
Higher education management research
Chen JunProfessor
Doctoral supervisor
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