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Ancient Chinese Literature

Ancient Chinese literature is the key discipline of Yangzhou University, set by Mr.Ren 

Zhongmin (courtesy name: Bantang),famous scholar of Ci and Qu. It is among the first group to be qualified of granting Doctor's degrees by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council in 1981, at the same time of the right to grant master's degree. There are 5 doctoral supervisors, 7  professors,

8 of them with Doctor's degree in the discipline. In recent five years, more than 30 scientific research projects have been undertaken, including 2 at the national level and 12 at the provincial and ministerial-level. Lots of High-quality works have been published, including nearly 200 academic papers in such publications as Literary Review  and Literary Heritage, with broad influence at home and abroad. Four achievements have won the provincial prize of “Outstanding works of Philosophy and Social Science”.

At present, this discipline has made outstanding achievements in the study of ancient Chinese popular literature, ancient Chinese literature history and academic history, etc.

The direction of Chinese ancient popular literature was initiated by Mr. Ren, who established  the status of academic classics based on  the study of ci, Qu and Dunhuang literature, represented by the great works compilation of Dunhuang Songs, Tang Xinong (Xinong is one type of drama) and Tang Sound Poem. These works written by Xuqinjun’s and Xieboyang  are the lead in related fields, such as Emendation of Thirty kinds of  Zaju inscribed in Yuan-Dynasty,  Emendation of Yuan Sanqu , Ming Sanqu and Qing sanqu(Sanqu means a type of verse popular in the Yuan). Scholars have passed on from generation to generation, and new academic advances have been made. This research focuses on the study of various popular literary forms that have been spreading among the people since ancient times, including novels, operas, poems, Bianwen(a popular form of narrative literature flourishing in the Tang Dynasty-often on Buddhistic themes), Baojuan(rap script for preaching religious doctrine) and so on. It takes a different path from the study of high literature and elite literature, and break a new research ground and space.

The works, written by professor Dong Guoyan, focus on distinguishing popular literature from  literati and officialdom literature. It shows the systematic difference with the mainstream literary history and fiction history. Professor Xu Jianzhong, Huang Qiang, Wang Jun, doctor Lu Yongfeng and other scholars have made pioneering work in the fields of opera, poetry, speaking and singing literature and rap script for preaching religious doctrine. In recent years, many works and high-quality papers have been published, such as  ideological trend of Ming and qing novels,  Ming Novels, Shi naih-an and Water Margin, Structural Research of Ming and Qing Legend,  Li Yu, study of Ci, poetry between the Southern and Northern Song Dynasties, Dunhuang Bianwen, Analects of Chinese Baojuan, General Catalogue of Chinese Baojuan, Civil Religion scriptures of Ming and qing Dynasties and so on. More than 10 projects of national social science fund and provincial and ministerial level are being undertaken.

There is profound academic background with the direction of Chinese ancient literary history and academic history. Yangzhou is a famous historical and cultural city in China ,and one of the Qing academic research centers. Meanwhile, the study of Ci and Qu and Dunhuang literature by Mr.Ren are originally rich in the connotation of academic history study. From the contemporary perspective, the researchers applies new concepts and methods to study the relationship between academic history, ideological history, regional cultural traditions and literature, and further explores the external and internal motivations for the evolution and development of literature, with fruitful results achieved. These works  have been published, such as Modern History of Studying Confucian Classics, the Six Dynasties Confucian Classics and Metaphysics, Study of Confucian Classics of Yangzhou School in Qing Dynasty, Family Tradition and Family Study of Jiangdong Glorious Family In The Six Dynasties, The Complete Works of Qian Daxin and The Complete Works of Liu Xizai and so on. The two books The Complete Works of Wangzhong and The Complete Works of Wang Mingsheng, have been being  proofread and punctuated. Especially we are responsible for the compilation of  Qing History·Textology  by the national committee for the compilation of Qing history, and obtained 550,000 yuan. Professor Tian hanyun, the doctoral supervisor, has been at the forefront of Confucian classics studying history. Professor Wang Yongping and associate professor Chen Wenhe have made achievements on the relationship between academic culture and literature.

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