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Chinese linguistics and Philology

As the key discipline of Yangzhou University, there are three research fields with distinctive characteristics. One research  is the pre-Qin monograph language, including the language of Jinwen Shangshu, language and logic in Mohist Canon, Dialect, Erya and scholars who annotate ancient books. Through longitudinal comparison with Jiaguwen(oracle bone inscriptions), Jinwen(inscriptions on ancient bronze objects), Shiji, Shuowen , explore the language features of  Jinwen Shangsh, complementary with new materials by archaeological discovery. The other research is Chinese grammar and rhetoric. Based on grammar and rhetoric in the contemporary and dating Chinese corpus , the focus is the development  history of the grammatical properties of words, the replacement of words, syntactic, Pragmatics, rhetorical devices, from the synchronic and diachronic angles. Another research is Chinese character, including study on Shuowen, structure and development of Chinese characters and comparison between cultural connotation of Chinese characters and standardized Chinese characters complied by China and Japan, origin of Shuowen since the Eastern Han Dynasty from macro and micro aspects, new interpretation of Chinese characters and word groups with the combination of language cognition and language comparison and standardization of Chinese characters and argumentation.

There are 4 professors and 5 associate professors, with reasonable professional titles, educational background and age structure. Professor Qian Zongwu: The study of pre-Qin monograph language, especially the language of Jinwen Shangshu, with wide artistic academy,  has a wide influence at home and abroad;  Professor Zhang Qiyun: The study of Chinese character evolvement, especially origin and historical essay of “Shuowen”, is widely praised by the academic circle. Doctor Zhang Yajun:  The innovative perspective and advance research means of Chinese grammar, has won a good reputation in the academic circle.  Associate professor Yu Guangyuan: The research on the development history of Chinese figure of speech  has the significance of filling the blank, which includes the rhetorical changes from the ancient time to the modern period and the similarities and differences of mechanism. More than 10 monographs have been published, such as Grammar of “Jinwen Sahngshu”, New Annotation of “Shangshu” and Antediluvian Civilization, Interpretation of Jinwen and Duwen “Shangshu”, Chinese Forum, Origin of “Shuowen”, Essentials of Chinese Characters, Adverb and Determine and description function, Development History of Chinese Figure of Speech, Morpheme Words in Modern Chinese and so on. Over 100 academic papers have been published on Studies of The Chinese Language and Studies in Language and Linguistics, of which are copied by Renmin University of China, Abstract of University Humanities Journals and Materials of  Chinese linguistics and philology. A number of provincial and ministerial excellent scientific research awards have been received. 10 provincial projects and  the national social science fund project "the study of the vocabulary of Shangshu" are being  in the charge.

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