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Chinese Classical Philology

Chinese Classical Philology is the key discipline of Yangzhou University, with two research fields: ancient Chinese literature and ancient Chinese Confucian classics. With reasonable age structure, educational background, professional title and education related structure, the team includes 4 professors, 8 associate professors, 1 doctoral supervisor, 7 master supervisors, 8 with doctoral degree.

Ancient Chinese literature has deep academic origin and high academic status. Mr. Ren Bantang laid the groundwork for modern Sanqu research, and the achievements of Mr.Xu Qinjun and Mr.Xie Boyang  takes the leading level in the related field. On this basis of previous frameworks, the assiduous teachers in this field made new improvements in the history of drama, fiction, poetry and other fields, producing broad influence.

Chinese Confucian classics is the characteristic field in the discipline. The teachers have made achievements in the research fields of ancient Chinese academic history, ancient Chinese Confucian classics history and Yangzhou school in Qing dynasty, exerting a great influence at home and abroad.

In recent years, this discipline has undertaken more than 20 research projects, including 6 national-level projects. Over 100 papers have been published on the core journal, like Literary Heritage, Documents and Journal of Ancient Books Collation and Studies. 34 academic monographs have been published and 9 research findings has won achievement awards of national and municipal level.

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