Intro of Faculty

College of Humanities of Yangzhou University developed from the department of Chinese language and literature of Yangzhou Normal College, which was founded in 1952. A master of Chinese lyrics and melodies, Ren Zhongmin, under the pseudonym ‘half pond’, began the PhD program of Chinese ancient literature, which was firstly approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. The faculty has bachelor’s program in three majors at present, Chinese Language and Literature, Secretarial Science and Chinese International Education. Among these, Chinese Language and Literature major has PhD program.


Provincial Superior and Key Discipline

School-level Key Discipline


Faculty of Chinese Language and Literature Students Help theSouth Africa to Develop Chinese Business

Since Dr.Li Xiaoyan has been sent to Confucius classrooms at the South Africa Chinese culture and international education exchange center as Chinese director in 2015,other five voluntary teachers in Chinese International Education has gone to the South Africa from the Faculty of Chinese Language and Literature.

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